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make a decision

I spend a lot of my time roaming around the Internet, sometimes looking at useful things and sometimes just looking up what that dog on Dukes of Hazzard was named (Flash).

One thing that I always enjoy when I’m doing my browsing is voting.  If there’s a poll on a website, you bet your ass I’m making my voice heard on the subject.  I will click my mouse, check the results and see if I am part of the Popular Opinion or just some loser who thinks for himself.

It doesn’t matter to me what the poll is about either – I’ll make my opinion known about anything.

“Of all the MASH characters, which one are you?”  Voting!

“If you could go to a planet, which would it be?” The people must know!

“Does Obama wave his thumb around too much when he speaks?” Clicking away!

“What’s your favorite part about Christmas?” I’d be a fool not to vote!

“Do you always wear panties?” Uncomfortable, but still voting!

I find that voting on these website polls makes me feel alive, so I decided to make a couple for you.  I know a lot of you won’t vote because you’re lazy and clicking the mouse once more is simply too much if you’re not looking at porn, but trust me, voting can be fun.  So do it.

Let the voting begin!

See? That was fun wasn’t it?  It’s all about making a choice, and deciding to speak up for yourself and your generation.

And if you didn’t vote, I have just one thing to say to you: You can forget about me sending you that autographed poster of Eric Nies for your birthday.

I’ll keep it right where it belongs – above my bed.


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