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I have a wedding to go to tonight, so I thought I’d put together a To Do List.

I hear that People Who Have Their Lives Together do these kinds of things, so I thought it might help me.


To Do For Today:

(I think this is a good start – a title makes things Important)

  1. Make it through work without thinking too much about how I’m left-handed and I should get some kind of reward for that because it means I’m Unique and maybe even Awesome.
  2. Get cash out of ATM for booze, booze and some more booze. Also donuts.
  3. Memorize the lyrics to Return of the Mack because it is one of the greatest songs ever.
  4. Call Ari during lunch and recite memorized lyrics, once finished, wait for her to praise me.
  5. Once off work, give myself dap for A Job Well Done.
  6. Shower. Don’t forget behind the ears, people look there during weddings.
  7. Put on new suit.
  8. Smile at myself in the mirror because I look like a sexy beast. Or maybe just George Clooney.
  9. Get to the wedding On Time. This is What Adults Do.
  10. Try not to get too drunk.
  11. Having failed, try not to tell too many people that their shoes are ugly.
  12. Absorb Ari’s multiple discussions with me about “How to not be an asshole.”
  13. Go to after party.
  14. Drink more.
  15. Shake what my momma gave me.
  16. Catch cab home and try and prevent Ari from being mean to cabbie, like she always does when she’s wasted.
  17. Make grilled cheeses and Stuff Face.
  18. Go to sleep.
  19. Try and dream about being Batman.
  20. Wake up tomorrow and hate life.

I think that about covers it.


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