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i’ve got a bad feeling about this

Cooler than you.

Cooler than you.

Thoughts on my second favorite (Chewie is first obviously) Star Wars character, Boba Fett, in honor of today – Star Wars Day:

  • Everyone knows Episodes I through III are absolutely terrible, but here are the reasons: 1) Boba Fett is like ten in Episode II and all he does is watch his dad get killed. Lame. More Boba Fett equals more Good Stuff. 2) Jar Jar Binks. Enough said.
  • One of the things that made Boba Fett so cool was all the gadgets he had. Also, the cup on the outside of the pants, which is how all people wore them in the past. Yes, Boba Fett was a fashion icon.
  • I just feel like the cape is unnecessary. Way to go overboard there Boba.
  • That’s definitely an antenna on his helmet. While Boba Fett was hunting down people for money, dude was listening to talk radio. That’s how gangsta he was.


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