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three peas in a pod

A lot of people hated high school, but I’m not one of those people.  I actually loved high school, and I think this was because of my two best friends during the time, Bob Marley and Ganja.

I loved Bob Marley in high school (favorite song – “I know“).  I mean, I owned every single album he made and would listen to them constantly.

Of course, I had no idea what the hell he was talking about in pretty much every song he wrote – Jah Rastafari?  Sure! – but I did know that he liked weed.

And so did I.  A lot.

I smoked before school, during school and after school.  Every day.

So when he would croon about the spiritual benefits of bud, I could always be seen raising my fist in the air and saying something along the lines of, “Right on man!  Right fucking on!”

Also, who do you think was the inspiration behind my hair?

Bob was everywhere during my high school years.  I really don’t even think we could be internet friends if you didn’t like Bob Marley at some point in your life.

I suppose I could let you slide on the pot thing.  As long as you did some sort of drugs.  Or if you were a slut – they were awesome in high school.

Now that I’m older (not old!) and I don’t smoke anymore, I find Bob a little harder to listen to – but I still rock out every time it comes on my iPod.

It takes me back to the good days, when I didn’t care about anything but scoring the next bag, trying not to get beat up by The Athletes, and making sure my bell bottoms looked Really Sweet.

Right on man.  Right fucking on.


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