come one come all


I’ve been without Internet all day, until right now. I was starting to lose my mind. I had to do things like “read the paper” and “interact with people” and let me tell you, it was as terrifying as it sounds. But it’s all good now.

Now for a Special Announcement:

Next Saturday, May 2nd, at 9:30, there will be a blogger meet-up here in the city. So any of you that can come, please do. You don’t have to be a blogger either, you can just come to point and laugh at me and the others. Okay, maybe just me, the others might get upset.

Anyway – we’ll be at Village Pourhouse in the East Village, corner of 11th and 3rd Avenue. Also, the fight will be shown, so no worries about that.

Below are the blogs of the people who are definitely coming, including me. So come out, as long as you don’t mind lots of drinking, yelling and maybe me challenging you to an arm wrestling match, even though you’ve told me to leave you alone.


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26 responses to “come one come all

  1. Just A Girl

    Listen, I don’t know where that bar is but I know it’s not in Denver, so that makes it not ok.

    I’m starting a “send JAG to NY” collection. I’ll take paypal and cash.

  2. Damn it now you’re posting about this awesome meet up that I can’t go to also!?!?! Fuck shit bitch. There, I said it. I want to go!!!

  3. i wish!
    but june, right!? right???
    just say you’re coming to the 20SB meetup already, k? 🙂

  4. May 2 is a SATURDAY not Friday, as you so put down. Fool. SATURDAY!!!

  5. Ick. I hate the Interacting With People thing in the office. Terrible I tell you. Just drives me to drink.

  6. Matt

    I’ll be there.

    In spirit.

  7. idontliketoread

    anybody know where the nearest vet is?? I GOT SOME SICK PYTHONS!

  8. seriously, I don’t know what I would do without the internet …well, and a c0mputer and photoshop if I’m going to be honest …lol. Have fun at your meet-up!

  9. Hey are you guys having a blogger meetup in NYC? I can’t tell.

  10. I’m gonna send you my picture so you can take it to the blog meetup and it will be like I am there with you all.

    Please don’t throw darts at me .

  11. I am already hydrating.

  12. I bought an extra liver for back up.

    Yanno, just in case.

  13. I’m jealous!
    1. I can’t drink
    2. STL bloggers blow.

  14. I’ll be there in spirit, my man. Maybe I’ll have a Wyoming blogger meet-up: It’ll just be me in a cabin in the woods slamming a six-pack and doing pull-ups until I puke. That’s how we roll in the W-Y.

  15. Well, you say ‘the City’ like we all just live around the corner, but thanks to Dolce’s comment…we are going to start our own cool thing here in the STL.

    I’ve always wondered who designed the setup of NYC’s streets? Nowhere here will you find 11th intersecting with 3rd. Can you explain how this is? Which one is the first number? North to South? I’m lost already…shit.

  16. If I lived in New York and didn’t have to take difficult trains (filled with Warriors-hating street thugs) to get there, I’d go.

    Alas, I do not. Some other time, perhaps.

  17. ron

    You’ve got to be fucking kidding me… I only wish for a plane ticket and a dozen eggs……

  18. I wanna go! But it seems that it would cost me about a million dollars to fly to NYC that weekend. Why?!?

  19. Dude, still stuck in Orlando or else we’d get drunk! I mean we will still get drunk, just in different states.

  20. I’ve heard the girl that writes is fucking awesome.

  21. TCG

    Thanks for the info.
    Maybe its time I go public! I’ll be there!

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  23. Chris

    Yeah, sure, why not? It’s my neighborhood and my namesake, so I might as well throw down.

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